September 14, 2011

Everything is ready for Madrid Researchers Night 2011

This September 23, the lovers of science have a date in the Spanish capital: The Madrid Researchers' Night 2011.

The Researchers' Night is supported by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) and is associated with the European celebration of this event that takes place simultaneously in over 200 European cities and tries to bring science and research to the public.

This is an event where, through festive activities and entertainment, people will learn about the work is being carried out by leading universities and research centers in Madrid. And is precisely that the Researches Night aims to bring together scientists and citizens to know their job, the benefits to society and its impact on everyday life.

During the Madrid Researchers' Night 2011 will be held 14 activities in different parts of the Community of Madrid between 18:00 and 24:00 hours.


  • To connect citizens with investigators.
  • Get the public to know and appreciate their work.
  • Remove existing stereotypes about scientists and their profession.
  • Highlight the impact of research in the welfare of society.
  • Convincing young people that the profession is attractive and fascinating and promote scientific career.

Certainly a very interesting activity to learn a little more about day to day work done by researchers in Spain, and understand, in a simple and practical, how their activities benefit our day to day. Do not you think?

Source: madri+d

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