August 19, 2011

Amsterdam Smart City

“In 2009 Amsterdam City lunched a unique Initiative based on the collaboration between the inhabitants of Amsterdam, businesses and governments in order to illustrate how energy can be saved, now and in the future.

All the initiatives within this network have been and should be economically sustainable investments and their benefits are tested in local, small-scale projects, bringing public and private partners together.

The ultimate goal of these projects is the reduction of CO2 emissions on Amsterdam national and European scale

This text can be found in Amsterdam Smart City web.

We think Amsterdam has initiated among others cities, and regions in Europe a fantastic project to achieve European 2020 targets related with energy savings

In this line Wellness Telecom designs and builds Smart & Sustainable City technologies to add intelligence infrastructure, creating more efficient, livable and intelligent cities. It is worth a mention its WeLight and WeSave products with an open architecture and customizable, allows control and monitoring street lights and building energy consumption respectively.

Furthermore, eGARBAGE project, already mentioned in previous posts, provides an innovative new line of products to the Smart Sustainable City, offering an efficient way to manage urban waste Optimising collection routes, Detecting full containers and Monitoring treatment processes.

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