August 29, 2011

Are you looking for an FP7 partner?

As you may know the new FP7 calls have been published recently, so from Wellness Telecom we are analysing and evaluating possible collaboration under this programme.

Wellness Telecom is an SME that was born as a telecommunication company and assist it clients throughout the lifecycle of a telecommunication project with consulting, engineering, implementation, maintenance and optimisation. However, Wellness Telecom is sponsoring investment in Research, Development and innovation (R&D&i) to create or improve advanced, innovative products and services in four main lines ( Telecommunications, Smart and Sustainable City, Communication Platform, Healths and Well-being).

  • Objective ICT 2011.1.2 Cloud Computing, Internet of Services and Advanced Software Engineering
  • Objective ICT 2011.6.1 Smart energy grids
  • Objective ICT 2011.6.3 ICT for efficient water resources management.
  • Objective EEB-ICT- 2011.6.5 ICT for energy positive neighbourhoods
  • Objective ICT 2011 6.7 Mobility
  • Objective HEALTH.2012.3.2-3: Social innovation for active and healthy ageing
  • Objective ENERGY.2012.8.8.1: Strategic sustainable planning and screening of city plans 1.
  • Objective EEB.ENERGY.2012.8.8.3: Demonstration of nearly Zero Energy Building Renovation for cities and districts

The team of professionals of Wellness Telecom is qualified in Telecom management support for implementation of R&D&i. Wellness Telecom has the experience and ability to handle projects in multiple programs:

    • The Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)
    • And Innovation Framework Programme (CIP)
    • JTIs

We offer also different consultancy services from the Factory Innovation Department. When the plan of action has been defined, this service makes it possible to have access to different financing programmes that meet the needs of the individual customer and his ideas. The ideas become project proposals and their technical and administrative aspects are adapted to the requirements of each of the bids for financing selected. Should the proposals require the ideas to be presented jointly with other associates, Wellness Telecom is responsible for seeking partners who can form a coherent joint venture covering the whole idea value chain.

We are open to all type of collaboration where we can fit as potential partner in the areas we are experienced (telecommunication, collaborative platforms, smart cities, and eHealth).

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