October 27, 2011

Infoday Future Internet

Wellness Telecom attended the Future Internet Conference last 20th and 21st of October 2011. The Conference was hold in AMETIC headquarters in Madrid.

This conference was sponsored by the platform “es.Internet” in the field of General Assembly 2011. “es.Internet” is the Spanish Technology Convergence Platform towards the Future Internet. Given the growing interest of existing ICT platforms (enemas, eMOV, eISI, eSEC, Evia, INES, Prometheus) around the area of Future Internet, it was considered necessary to create this new converged platform towards the Future Internet that combines and coordinate these interests, common to all platforms.

The conference counted on the active participation of both public bodies as the Ministerio de Industria, turismo y Comercio (MITYC), Ministerio de Ciencie e Innovación (MICINN) and the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico e Industrial (CDTI) as well as top-level speakers from different sectors and companies (Telefónica I + D, Indra, Atos Origin, ...)

The main objective of the Conference on Future Internet was to define some common lines to address the implementation of the Future Internet technologies and how their adoption can result in an increase of competitiveness in Spain. Throughout the presentations, it became clear the important role of SMEs as key players in the Future Internet and "smart cities" as a model of comprehensive implementation of new technologies.

Furthermore, in the conference were representatives from application from relevant sectors such as energy, health, tourism, transport, etc.

The day was structured on roundtable briefing on the Public Private Partnership (PPP) on the Internet of the future, on specific areas of application and on the infrastructures and public and private funding of the Future Internet. A parallel space was fitted out for technology demonstrations which presented the results obtained so far in some of the projects currently underway. These projects covering several sectors within the Internet of the future, such as environment, health or energy efficiency ...

Wellness Telecom found this Conference really interesting as we are focusing our effort in the area of Future Internet, a challenging area. Wellness Telecom is working hard in the different areas included in the Future Internet field as Smart Cities, Smart grids, Security Protocols, Cloud Computing and many others.

If you find Future Internet an interesting field where we can participate together, please do not hesitate to contact our Innovation Factory to look for possible future collaborations and synergies.

Source: AMETIC

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