October 24, 2011

WeLight new Pilot

Public Lighting is one of the major sources of electricity consumption in any municipality. Very often, the infrastructure is obsolete and there is no control or monitoring system.

To reduce consumption levels, various strategies have been developed to reduce the light level in the early hours of the morning, using a device such as a post-top regulator or bi-level ballast.

Although these devices provide an adequate level of savings, normally there is still the problem of a lack of information on consumption and the savings obtained, so that very often it is difficult to monitor the profitability of the investment and the state of the equipment.

The few solutions that do permit some kind of control over consumption or saving policies cannot be used with the products from different manufacturers. If one has different types of equipment, it is necessary to have access to several management utilities, which makes the operation expensive and slows it down.

To solve this, Wellness Telecom offers it solution WeLight; the open architecture and adaptable system to control and monitor any public lighting panel.

The system also does not need its own server or its own communications infrastructures: All the information is avaible through an Internet-based software service.

You can find more information here.

After one year of internal testing in Wellness Telecom laboratories WeLight have been installed in two Local councils in the province of Sevilla (Tomares and Mairena del Aljarafe), obtaining between 25-35% of cost savings for this municipalities.

The great news is that last week the third pilot was implanted in the city of Burgos in Spain, specifically in the region of Medina de Pomar, the first prototype outside Sevilla. This prototype has been a big challenge for the company, and it has been deployed with the help of our partner of the area Wifinova. It is a promising prototype, which for sure will lead to a bigger acquisition of the system in the area. This innovation will make Medina de Pomar a reference area in Spain in the area of smart saving in public street lighting.

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